Podcast Episode of the Year
Recognizing a single episode of an ongoing or limited-run podcast. The episode should illustrate ambitious storytelling, excellence in production and innovation within the podcast medium.

Podcast Producer of the Year
Recognizing a consummately reliable, organized, and proactive producer who serves as the logistical backbone and sanity protector for any ongoing or limited-run podcast.

Podcast Host of the Year
Recognizing a host or consistent hosting panel who bring unique personality, insight, and engagement to any ongoing or limited-run podcast. Ideal candidates will be reflective of how podcast storytelling remains fresh through constant evolution.

Podcast Executive of the Year
Recognizing a senior leader dedicated to podcast oversight within an organization, whether it is a company focused on audio content or one that produces podcasts as a secondary priority. This executive should show a track record of constant innovation, decisive leadership, and excellent team building.

Podcast Network of the Year
Recognizing an organization that produces and/or hosts more than three distinct podcasts. Ideal honorees are networks that support their podcasts through a blend of marketing, investment, collaboration, and innovative digital tools.

Podcast Innovator of the Year
Recognizing a strategic visionary who brings bold new ideas, technical invention, and cultural awareness to the podcasts with which they are affiliated. This honoree can be someone helping advance the medium through any number of roles, whether through corporate leadership, product innovation or storytelling.

Podcast Interview of the Year
Recognizing the most insightful podcast interview conducted in the past year. Key factors include audio quality, range of guests, interview quality and topical focus.

Podcast of the Year
Chosen from the winner's list

Best New Podcast (August 2023 onwards)
Recognizing a compelling, high-quality, and engaging new podcast.

Best Podcast Making a Societal Impact (free to enter)
Recognizing a podcast that advances issues such as diversity, inclusion, gender balance, acceptance and advocacy through insightful commentary, fresh perspectives and strong awareness of the industries being discussed.

Best TV and Streaming Podcast
Recognizing an ongoing or limited-run podcast focused on either the TV/streaming industries or a specific program. Key factors include professional insight, expertise, and a demonstrated range of topics within the core theme.

Best Pop Culture Podcast
If your podcast focuses on celebrities, music, cultural trends, fashion, or other related topics about popular culture, this is the category for you. Judges will be looking for shows that balance entertaining presentation with insightful commentary and distinct voices.

Best B2B Podcast
Recognizing a podcast that covers business focused insights.

Best Comedy Podcast
Honoring a can't-miss show with a focus on humor, even if topics and conversations might sometimes stray into areas of sincerity, emotion, and heartache. Whether hosted by a comedian or telling stories through the lens of comedy, the honoree should demonstrate how comedy helps us process how we make sense of the chaotic world around us.

Best Technology Podcast
Recognizing a podcast that elevates technology coverage beyond the traditional gadget discussion and engages audiences of all experience levels through a blend of insight, approachability, and personality.

Best Political Podcast
Recognizing a show that gets to the heart of political news and insights.

Best Sports Podcast
Whether shows are focused on a highly specific sporting niche or any teams and topics that are hot now, this category celebrates sports podcasts with consistently compelling commentary and insight.

Best True Crime Podcast
Honoring an ongoing or limited-run podcast dedicated to true crime and bringing new dimensions of storytelling to this popular niche.

Best Storytelling Podcast
Honoring an ongoing or limited-run podcast that's focused on narrative storytelling, either based in nonfiction, fiction, or a blend of the two. While this category is open to shows focused on any topic, aspects such as structure, presentation and sound engineering are key.

Best Podcast Platform for Advertisers
Chosen based on the highest community engagement and interaction results which is proven to benefit brand partners.

Best Audience Growth Strategy
The most impressive strategy that gained new returning listeners to the series.

Best Edutainment Podcast
Celebrating shows that do interesting stuff using episodic discussions on stuff to teach listeners about scientific concepts, tech, economics, and other subjects.

Best Use of AI
The most innovative and impressive use of AI technology to improve the listening experience or audience reach.

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